Our aim is to build an organization serving all cross sections of the society and is committed to increase access to high-quality healthcare by producing and marketing affordable pharmaceutical products.

We wish to market high quality products across therapy segments, getting our products manufactured from the best of the facilities.


We wish to build an ethical company where-in all the stakeholders will be proud to be associated with.

We wish to grow and provide employment opportunities to a large section of people in the society.

We also aim to be able to perform our CSR activities in fields of community education on health issues and would like to be a partner in building a healthy society.


Jagdeep K Koushik


A passionate entrepreneur, having been under the influence of his doctor father grew up looking at health care from close quarters. Naturally his choice fell on pharmaceutical industry when he decided his life’s journey as an entrepreneur. He dreams to build a company marketing high quality medicines across therapy ranges, to volunteer for a healthy society.